My Day, Tuesday, September 8, 2011

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Got up around 7:30 a.m., fixed the bedroom, opened the doors and windows, started the morning coffee, and poured tomato juice with lime and ice.  Smoked a little cigar, went to the bathroom, changed the desktop background image and color scheme, checked computer settings, updated the disk tracker and started today’s journal.  Washed up, dressed, and got ready to leave. 

Went to Burger King, 1135 N. Yarbrough Drive, El Paso, TX, for breakfast, had a Breakfast Croissant Sandwich, (Buy One get One free), brought the second sandwich home for breakfast tomorrow, total cost $3;  Mission Valley Library Branch, returned and checked out items noted on the Library Material Data Base; and Yucca Park for a walk. 

Cleaned the Bath and Kitchen, and Swept the Floors.  Watched Battlestar Galactica, Complete Epic Series, ‘The Lost Warrior Episode.  Dinner, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Fruit, Potato Chips, and Soda.  Washed Dinner Dishes.  CD, Barbra Streisand, ‘Back to Broadway.’  Played Chess, surrendered one, won one.  CD, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, ‘The Best of OMD.’ DVD, Battlestar Galactica, Complete Epic Series, ‘The Long Patrol,’ Episode.’ Showered. 

DVD, ‘Come What May,’ a 2009 Advent Film Group Film, starring Austin Kearney, Victoria Emmons, Karen and Kenny Jezek, and Dr. Michael Farris.  When does life really begin?  If college student Caleb Hogan argues what he truly believes, he stands to lose the most important competition of his life, and the support of his mother.  If he softens his stance, he might win the coveted title . . . But lose the hear of his teammate Rachel in the process. 

While his mother prepares for her high profile abortion case before the Supreme Court, Caleb discovers the strength of the pro life argument in preparation for the National Moot Court Championship.  In life and death legal cases can there truly be a winner?

Come What May is a vivid reminder that choosing what’s right is never easy … but it’s always worth the cost. 

CD, David Crosby, ‘Voyage,’ Disc 3.


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