September 8, 2011, News, Weather, Horoscope

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September 8, 2011

Today, High 84, Low 67, Some Sunshine, Average Humidity 20%.
Friday, High 89, Low 66, Sunshine and pleasant, Average Humidity 25%.
Saturday, High 89, Low 68, Mostly Sunny, Average Humidity 25%.
News and Other Events
Obama’s Jobs Address Today.
Perry passes 1st test, Gov. matches Romney in debate.
Sept. 11:  Bliss tightens security.
Shakira headed to area? Juarez event wants to sign pop star for Oct. 12 show.
Federal agencies on alert for 10th anniversary.
17.2 million households endured hunger last year.
Today’s Virgo Horoscope, Dynamic Day, Someone in your daily life means well and can imagine you, but at the same time can make goulash out of the most precise communication.  Tonight, kick yup your feet.


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