September 24, 2011, News, Weather, Horoscope

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Jury Selection Auditorium, El Paso County Texas Courthouse

September 24, 2011

Today, High 86 Low 65, Bright and Sunny, Average Humidity 30%.
Sunday, High 92 Low 68, Mostly Sunny, Average Humidity 25%.
Monday. High 90 Low 64, Sunny and Breezy, Average Humidity 25%.
News and Other Events
Hotel, City in tax fight, Double Tree asks valuation cap.
Construction, Interstate 10 closure postponed until spring.
Don’t mess with Yolanda, ‘I’m old, but I’m a fighter,’ says 81 year old.
More UTEP scholarships available, 6 year state grant to help early college high school students.
High School Football, Old rivalries still fresh; Tigers earn 80th ‘Claw,’ victory over Panthers, final score, El Paso HS 35 Austin HS 14; Jefferson outfoxes Bowie to claim 62nd showdown wing, final score Jefferson HS 14 Bowie HS 13.
Dow suffers worst week since 2008.  DJIA up 37.65, closes at 10,771.48.
The Daily Buzz:  New Location, Rudolph Honda and Rudolph Mazda, new west side location, 5625 S. Desert; Breakfast club will meet Thursday; Average price of gas in Texas declines 6 cents during past week; and Grant Makers conference coming to El Paso. 
Today’s Virgo Horoscope, Average day, If you feel like vanishing, do.  Don’t even try to be social, because you need downtime.  If you do go out, you might feel like a square peg in a round hole.  Indulge yourself as you would others.  Tonight, Shhh. 


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