My Day, Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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September 27, 2011

Got up around 7 a.m., picked up the bedroom, poured orange juice with ice, opened the doors and windows, brought in the morning paper, started the morning coffee, smoked a little cigar, and went to the bathroom.  Changed the Desktop background image and color scheme, checked computer settings, updated the disk tracker, and started today’s journal.  Washed up, dressed, got ready to leave.  Breakfast, Tamales, Apple Pie, and Coffee.

Went to:
1.  Barnes and Nobel, Viscount Blvd., shopped Movies, Music, Books and Magazines.
2.  Best Buy, Viscount Blvd., purchased ’Hart to Hart,’ The Complete First Season, DVD; and Four Movie Marathon, Dark Comedy Collection ’Serial Mom,’ ’Nurse Betty,’ ’Very Bad Things,’ and Your Friends & Neighbors.  Total Cost $16.
3.  Lionel Forti Park, Phoenix and Giles Streets, for a walk and coffee.
4.  Mission Valley Library Branch, 610 Yarbrough, returned and checked out items noted on the Library Materials Data Base.  

Cleaned Bath and Kitchen, and Swept the Floors.  CD, Aerosmith, ’Tough Love, Best of the Ballads.’  Ripped to the Windows Media Player and Copied to the Expansion Drive:  Audio Book, Louis L’Amour, ’High Lonesome;’ CD, Diana Ross, ’I Love You;’ CD Aretha Franklin, ’Gospel Greats;’ Emanuel AX ‘Brahms Piano Concertos;’ and Audio Book, Nicholas Evans, ‘The Divide.’


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