September 30. 2011, Movies Opening Today

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Movies Opening Today

50/50, R, Joseph Gordon Levitt delivers a subtle immensely moving performance as a young man diagnosed with cancer who relies on the help of his best friend (Seth Rogen) to beat the titular odds of survival.  50/50 is consistently, uproariously funny, written with humanity and insight, and directed by Jonathan Levine with just the right tone every time.  Writer Will Reiser created the script based on his own cancer diagnosis.  4 Star Rating.

Courageous, PG-13, New faith based drama from writer Stephen Kendrick and writer director actor Alex Kendrick.  Four Georgia sheriff’s deputies are tested by their small city’s gang and drug problems, something the sheriff identifies, through statistics, as being the product of kids growing up in fatherless homes.  It’s note subtle, and it’s often a soapy melodrama, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t  moving moments.  One and half star rating. 

Dream House, PG-13, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz (who recently married in real life) star as a couple who discover their beautiful new home was the site of a horrific murder.  Naomi Watts co-stars as the meddling neighbor who know what really went down.  The film wasn’t screened in advance for critics.

What’s Your Number? R, Raunchy romantic comedy in which Anna Faris is perpetually single woman revisiting her past 20 relationships. Chris Evans is the next door neighbor who helps her sort out her romantic woes.  Faris and Evans don’t have enough scenes together, don’t have enough funny lines and aren’t surrounded by enough funny people to five this Bridesmaids lite a shot.   One and half stars.


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