My Day, Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Got up around 7 a.m., fixed the bedroom, poured tomato juice with lime and ice, smoked a little cigar, went to the bathroom, changed the desktop background image and color scheme, made a collage ‘Rainbow, Apple, and Pines,’ checked computer settings, updated the disk tracker, and started today’s journal.  Washed, dressed, and got ready to leave. 

Breakfast, Cake and Coffee.  Went to Big Lots, McRae and I 10, shopped movies; Target Store, Bassett Place, shopped clothes, movies and music; and McDonald’s, 1515 Airways, for lunch, had a McDouble, Promo French Fries, and Coffee, total cost $1. 

Cleaned Bath and Kitchen, and Swept and mopped the floors.  CD, INXS, ’Kick.’   CD, INXS, ’X.’    Audio Book, John Grisham, ‘The Broker,’ Disc 6, Tracks 06-11 to 06-14.   Dinner, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Potato Chips, Baked Beans, and Soda.  Washed Dishes and picked up the kitchen. 

Went to the Mission Valley Library Branch, 610 Yarbrough, returned and checked out items noted on the Library Materials Data Base. 

DVD, Hart to Hart, The Complete First Season, Episode 2, ‘Hit Jennifer Hart,’ When Jonathan uncovers a scandal affecting dockworkers, a hit man posing as a long lost cousin is hired to kill Jennifer.  CD, ‘Lake House,’ Original Soundtrack. Played Chess,  game a draw.


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