My Day, Friday, October 14, 2011

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Got up around 6:30 a.m., fixed the bedroom, poured tomato juice with lime and ice, opened doors and windows, started the morning coffee, brought in the paper, smoked a little cigar, and went to the bathroom.  Changed the desktop background image and color scheme, made a collage ‘Queens, Windmills, and Boats,’ checked computer settings, updated the disk tracker, and started today’s journal.  Washed, dressed, and got ready to leave. 

Went to, McDonald’s, Yarbrough and I-10, for breakfast, had two Sausage Biscuits and Coffee, total cost $2; and Laundry USA, N. Carolina Street, did two loads of laundry.

Got home around 11 a.m., put away the laundry and helped Manny Flores complete an Employment Application.  Cleaned the Bath and Kitchen, and Swept the Floors. CD, Go-Go-s, ’The Whole World Lost it’s Head.’ CD, ’Ultra Dance 08.’ Ironed clothes.  

Dinner, Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, and Soda.  Washed dishes, and picked up the kitchen.  Took the Tamales’ Product to the neighbor Margarita.  CD, Cheap Trick, ‘Lap of Luxury.’   Updated Calendar Task list with the names of ‘Not Yet Played CD’s.’  CD, ‘Cool Traxx.’

Showered, dressed, a got ready to leave.  Went to the Bel Air High School Football game, 731 Yarbrough Street, versus Americas High School.  Left at the end of the third quarter, Bel Air was losing by 20 points.


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