October 16, 2011, News, Weather, Horoscope

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My Birthday Cake, September, 2011, 52 Years Old, El Paso, TX

October 16, 2011

Today, High 85 Low 58, Mostly Sunny, warm, Average Humidity 25%.
Monday, High 88 Low 59, Sunny and very warm, Average Humidity 20%.
Tuesday, High 75 Low 51, Sunny, not as warm Average Humidity 40%.
News and Other Events
Rangers head to World Series.  MLB playoffs, Rangers romp, earn return to World Series, Cruz hits record 6th homer. Final Score, Texas Rangers 15 Detroit Tigers 5.  Game 1 of the 2011 World Series, Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
US troops to leave Iraq, exit by Jan. to leave just 160 at embassy. 
Avenida Juarez:  Heartbeat in Decline, Once thriving street yields to violence.
Power struggle, Fight over electric rates looms between city, electric Company. 
Chalk the Block, Thousands show up to see artists’ masterpieces.
College Football, UTEP buries road woes, Miners overwhelm Tulane, even record at 3-3, Final UTEP 44 Tulane 7.  Up Next, UTEP vs. Colorado State in the Miners homecoming game, Saturday 6 p.m.  Other College Football Scores:  Texas A&M 55 Baylor 28; Oklahoma St. 38, Texas 26.
Women in Business, Bold, young starters.  El Paso women pursue dreams in business. 
Today’s Virgo Horoscope, Average Day, Stay on top of what is going on.  Bring a key circle of friends and/or loved one together.  Be careful about swallowing your anger.  Tonight, could go to the wee hours.


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