October 28, 2011, Movies Opening Today

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‘In Time, PG-13.  In a future where time is the universal currency and the wealthy live forever, a poor young man (Justin Timberlake) stumbles into a fortune but is falsely accused of murder and tries to bring down the system.  Timberlake is more adequate than epic in this sci-fi parable that plays like ‘Occupy Wall Street:  The Movie,’ Amanda Seyfried co-stars for director Andrew Niccol.  Rating, two and a half stars.

‘Puss in Boots,’ PG.  the feline swashbuckler (voiced by Antonio Banderas) from the ‘Shrek’ movies gets his own 3-D adventure.  It’s quick, lively, family friendly entertainment with some inspired writing.  Rating three stars. 

‘The Rum Diary,’ R.  Based on a Hunter S. Thompson novel, it’s sort of a prequel to Thompson’s later live.  Johnny Depp. who also played Thompson in ‘Fear and a Loathing,’ stars as an American journalist freelancing for a newspaper in 1950’s Puerto Rico and beginning to discover his hallucinogen fueled voice.  On the one had, this is a refreshing, grounded and realistic view of the writer.  Other the other, it lacks a certain energy.  Rating two stars.

‘The Way,’ PG13.  Writer-director Emilio Estevez also co-stars with his father, Martin Sheen, in this story about a set-in-his-ways eye doctor called to France to reclaim the body of his grown son who died while hiking the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrims’ path between France and Spain.  The father decides to complete the son’s journey.  Heartfelt, scrappy and engaging, this movie succeeds despite, not because of sentimental excess.  Rating Three Stars.   


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