October 31, 2011, News, Weather, Horoscope

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Grandy’s Restaurant, Yarbrough and Vista Del Sol Streets, El Paso, TX

October 31, 2011

Today, High 74 Low 52, Sunny and nice, Average Humidity 30%.
Tuesday, High79 Low 56, Plenty of Sunshine Average Humidity 25%.
Wednesday, High 76 Low 48, Mostly Sunny, Average Humidity 20%. 
News and Other Events
Dallas Cowboys fall to 3-4.  Eagles soar past Cowboys, Final Philadelphia Eagles 34, Dallas Cowboys 7.   
City Council, Plants play bigger par in new landscape code.
Nation, Protesters arrested in Texas, Oregon. 
Border Patrol, Advocacy groups say jailed agent targeted. 
Haunting Good Time, KLAQ Haunted Warehouse.
Owner of 22 McDonald’s credits Bliss, Mexico for EP’s growth. 
Trek for the Faithful, 30,00 make pilgrimage to Mount Cristo Rey.
Sugar intake:  Yes, it’s a balancing act.  Weighing in on the Great Sweetener Debate. 
Today’s Virgo Horoscope, Positive Day, Your mind might be aware that it is Monday, but your imagination goes hay wire.  Tonight, Lightened up.


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