November 14, 2011, News, Weather, and Horoscope

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Mission Valley Library Branch, 610 N. Yarbrough Street, El Paso, TX 

November 14, 2011

Today, High 67 Low 47, A passing Shower, Average Humidity 50%.
Tuesday, High 67, Low 43, Sunny and breezy, Average Humidity 45%.
Wednesday, High 67 Low 41, Bright and sunny, Average Humidity 35%.
News and Other Events
Shortages outpace donations, Food banks struggle to meet demand. 
Delays plague recall effort.
Ex Socorro mayor seeks city unity as he retakes seat.
Immigration, US pushes compliance program for businesses.
Occupy Movement breaks camp, Most demonstrators vacate, seek new site. 
UTEP’s Men’s Basketball, Miners outlast Riverside for season’s 1st win, final score, UTEP 52 UC Riverside 41.
NFL, Back on their feet, Callas beats Bills for second straight victory, final score Dallas Cowboys 44 Buffalo Bills 7. 
Eczema, There’s no getting free of rash, but you can ease its painful itch. 
Today’s Virgo Horoscope, Positive Day, A meeting carries a message.  You might need to decide what you are willing to do to further a goal.  You could be most uneasy with what is coming up.  Tonight, hook up with a pal.  Catch up on news. 


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