News of the Day From Across the Nation, Oct. 26

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1 Armory shooting: A Tennessee National Guardsman accused of shooting three fellow Guard members at an armory in Millington was relieved of duty because of alleged misconduct before he opened fire, according to a criminal complaint released Friday. Students at the Massachusetts school where a classmate allegedly killed a teacher returned Friday, surrounded by extra safety measures as well as tributes to the victim. Five people were injured on a carnival ride known for its twirls and flips at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, and officials were trying to determine Friday what caused the accident. 5 Eight killed: A Georgia man was convicted Friday of killing his father and seven extended family members in a mobile home they all shared, though prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty. According to records obtained by the Associated Press, the pipeline spills, many of them small, are among some 750 "oil field incidents" that have occurred since January 2012 without public notification.

News of the Day From Across the Nation, Oct. 26


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