The New ‘Lone Survivor’ Trailer Doesn’t Pull Any Punches (VIDEO)

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The new trailer for "Lone Survivor," director Peter Berg‘s adaptation of a memoir by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, begins with some lighthearted banter between members of Navy SEAL Team 10. And that’s where the levity ends.


"It’s just Afghanistan, that’s all," says Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg) as ominous music begins to swell. SEAL Team 10 is tasked with finding and killing a notorious Taliban leader, but the mission is compromised, and one by one members of the team are picked off until Luttrell is the only man left standing.

"Isn’t that how things work — good things happen to good people?" one team member asks as heavy fire from Taliban forces rains down around them. Judging by the destruction on display in the trailer, it seems the answer is no.


Luttrell consulted on the film to ensure the veracity of the onscreen proceedings, and the effects in the action-packed clip certainly feel very real. Continual close-up shots of the team members’ faces — including Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch, and Taylor Kitsch — also add to the trailer’s frantic, anxious tone, as we see their anguish in stark detail.

We may know how "Lone Survivor" ends, but that won’t make watching the destruction unfold any easier. The movie opens in limited release on December 27, and nationwide on January 10, 2014.


The New ‘Lone Survivor’ Trailer Doesn’t Pull Any Punches (VIDEO)


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