A ‘War of the Roses’ Sequel Is on Its Way

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war of the roses sequel

Like parents, like children.

Marital dysfunction is getting passed down to the next generation in a sequel to "The War of the Roses." Deadline reports that Warren Adler’s follow-up novel is being adapted for a sequel to the 1989 black comedy starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

"War of the Roses" pitted Oliver and Barbara Rose against each other in a bitter, brutal, house-destroying divorce battle. "The War of the Roses: The Children" focuses on their son and daughter, Josh and Evie, who are not living in wedded bliss as adults. Josh is a serial adulterer, while Evie is a promiscuous overeater, and both bear scars from their parents’ divorce.

Permut Presentations and Grey Eagle Films are producing the film and are looking for a writer to adapt Adler’s book. It’s unclear if Danny DeVito, who directed "War of the Roses," would be involved with the sequel, or if the original movie’s stars would make cameos.

[via Deadline]

A ‘War of the Roses’ Sequel Is on Its Way


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