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Thursday, March 17, 2011

El Paso Times

Headlines:  US Drones help fight Mexico Drug Cartels;  Marmolejo sentenced to 54 Years for Murder; and Patience, Courtesy with Bus Fare, Commended Driver sees Sun Metro Evolve.

Business Headlines:  DJIA down 242.12, close 11,613.30; and Blue Chips plunge over Japan’s Crisis.

Sports Headlines:  NCAA Basketball Tournament, Lets Dance, Bracket racket ends; now it’s time to Play.

Weather:  High 84, Low 52 Sunshine.  Tomorrow High 83, Low 47, Sunlit and warm.

Daily Horoscope:  Know when to step back and allow others to express their thought and ideas.

Noteworthy Events and Movies:  Kenny Chesney, “Going Coastal,” Tour; and
Celine Dion returns to Las Vegas.

The Day in My Life

Got up around 7:30 a.m., fixed bedroom, smoked a little cigar, checked computer settings, updated disk tracker, went to the bathroom, changed desktop background and color scheme, and started today’s journal. 

Washed up and got ready to leave.  Went to the McDonald’s on Airway Street, had a Big Breakfast (Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Hash Browns, and Biscuit), and a coffee, total cost $4.  Afterwards, went to the Target Store at Bassett Place, shopped around for clothes, DVD’s, and CD’s.  No purchases made on this trip.

Frank, wants to know what I think about giving Helen Morton, the Neighbor, $55,000.00 for her house.  Rolled my eyes and walked away for the discussion.

Manny came by to work on the Air Conditioner, and went out with Frank for the supplies.  Now both are back, Manny is on the Air Conditioner, Frank if folding Laundry.  As for my self, was another day of cleaning the Bath, Kitchen, Sweeping the Floors, and today I Vacuumed the carpet.

Frank thinks I should consider a Job with the Electric Company.  Rolled my eyes and told him they did not and probably won’t hire me.

Word Press

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Window’s Spaces is no longer accepting new post, re directed to Word Press.  This is my first entry via Windows Live Writers, and is a test of my new Word Press Blog via Live Writer.