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Tom Hiddleston Sings Karaoke, Dances, and Steals Your Heart (VIDEO)

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tom hiddleston sing dance

We get it, Tom Hiddleston, you’re the most adorable charming man on the planet. You don’t need to keep rubbing it in our faces. Okay, maybe you do.

Hiddleston, who plays the villainous god of mischief Loki in last weekend’s blockbuster "Thor: The Dark World," is potentially the most affable human being currently living. If you need further evidence of this, watch as he does karaoke in a car for a weird German talk show (it’s "Stand By Me," in case you were wondering). It’s the closest we’ve ever seen to Hiddleston seeming slightly "uncomfortable," but when push comes to shove and some strange German goads you into singing, you better believe the trickster god sings!

Hiddleston was pressured into another silly challenge while on the "Thor" red carpet. Maria Menounos, the incredibly attractive Extra reporter with the most annoying laugh ever, asked Hiddleston to join in a dance-off against his "Thor: The Dark World" costar Zachary Levi. He just went for it. And it was kind of amazing. Levi claims that he won the dance off. He did not.

Both of these videos illustrate that being the most likable, easy-going guy in the world has its downside: if someone asks you to do something insane and potentially stupid, you’ll probably do it.

We will keep you abreast of the next goofy, endearing thing Hiddleston does, as Hiddlewatch ’13 continues.

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Tom Hiddleston Sings Karaoke, Dances, and Steals Your Heart (VIDEO)


Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr. For His ‘Iron Man’ Ousting

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Today - Season 62

Usually the most shocking thing about Bravo’s "Watch What Happens Live" is how much alcohol the guests consume in one 30-minute chunk of time. But last night, guest

Terrence Howard, who was visiting Andy Cohen’s chat-fest alongside his "Best Man Holiday" costar Nia Long, dropped some gossipy knowledge after a caller asked why the star didn’t return for "Iron Man 2" (instead, his part was played by Don Cheadle, who reprised it once again for this summer’s $1 billion-grossing "Iron Man 3").

"Would you like to really know?" Howard began.

"Yes!" Cohen exclaimed.

"This is going to get me in a lot of trouble…" Howard said, before trailing off for a second or two. He continued: "It turns out that the person that I helped become Iron Man, when it was time to re-up for the second one, took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out."

Cohen helpfully told Howard what we had all heard: "The word was that you wanted the same money as Downey."

Not true, according to Howard. "No, we did a three-picture deal. That means you did the deal ahead of time — there was going to be a certain amount for the first one, a certain amount for the second, a certain amount for the third," Howard explained. "They came to me with the second and said ‘look, we will pay you one-eighth of what we contractually had for you, because we think the second one will be successful with or without you.’ And I called my friend, that I helped get the first job, and he didn’t call me back for three months."

Cold, Downey! Cohen asked: "How are things now with your friend?" To which Howard responded: "Oh, I love him. God’s going to bless him." And then he gave Cohen what can only be described as a murderer’s stare.

Of course, Cohen is a gifted programmer and talk show host and summed up the whole thing eloquently at the end of the conversation: "Two words for that — messy boots!"
Honestly, I have no idea what that means. But I’m going to be saying it a lot for the rest of the day. Hope you will too!

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Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr. For His ‘Iron Man’ Ousting

Paul Feig is Developing ‘The Heat’ Spinoff with Beth and Gina Characters

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The Heat - UK Gala Screening

"The Heat" was one of the hottest comedies of the year, so it’s no surprise that director Paul Feig is looking to turn the dial up on a follow-up.

Deadline reports that Feig is developing a spin-off based on the characters played by Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin.

In "The Heat," the two played members of the trashy extended family of Melissa McCarthy‘s cop character. Beth (Denbo) and Gina (Chaffin) speak with a heavy Boston accent, so when they grilled Sandra Bullock, they asked her if she was a "naahhhc" (narc). Though the roles were very small, Denbo and Chaffin proved to be hilarious scene stealers.

"Jamie and Jessica are two of the funniest people on this planet," Feig told Deadline.

"They took small roles in ‘The Heat’ and turned them into characters worthy of their own movie. I can’t wait to unleash Beth and Gina on the world. Run for your lives."
As for a sequel to "The Heat," don’t hold your breath. Bullock has already said she won’t do it.

[via Deadline]

Sandra Bullock Says No to Sequel

Paul Feig is Developing ‘The Heat’ Spinoff with Beth and Gina Characters

Andy Cohen Steps Down As Executive At Bravo

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Andy Cohen, the man responsible for unleashing countless Real Housewives onto the masses (and by proxy the entire subgenre of “lets put grown women together and watch them bicker like 13 year old girls” reality television), is stepping stepping down from his post as head of development over at Bravo.

However, it doesn’t mean that he’s leaving altogether…BLOOP!

Cohen is only stepping down as a Bravo executive to step into a new role that is more focused on his hit nighttime talk show Watch What Happens Live, as well as working to pitch and develop ideas for Bravo from his very own production company.

The new deal with Bravo includes a two year pickup of Watch What Happens Live, a retained role as an executive producer on the Real Housewives franchise, and allows him to continue to wrangle the Housewives together on their reunion shows as only he can. As if anyone else can deal with the likes of Teresa Guidice, NeNe Leakes, and Kenya Moore.

Cohen is taking the move in stride, and seems to be excited about the future, telling the New York Daily News, “It was challenging hosting the show five nights a week and coming into work and running development, so this gives me more time to focus on Watch What Happens Live and gives me more time to launch a production company and figure out what else I’m going to be producing.”

Hopefully Cohen can use the time to figure out the next big idea in reality television and for Bravo, as the Housewives ratings (with the exception of the Jersey and Atlanta franchises) aren’t what they used to be and the aforementioned “braying rich older women” subgenre is getting more tired by the day.

Our suggestion?  Getting that long rumored Gay Housewives show off the ground with some, ahem, real A-listers.

Andy Cohen Steps Down As Executive At Bravo

John Boehner Will Never, Ever Allow The House To Vote On ENDA. Ever.

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Now that the Senate has approved it, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thinks there are enough votes to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the House. But Speaker John Boehner will make sure we will never know. Once again, Boehner has restated his adamant opposition to bringing the bill to a vote, while embracing every falsehood about the bill that he can find.

“I think this legislation…is unnecessary and would provide a basis for frivolous lawsuits,” said Boehner, as if people who are canned from their jobs get their jollies suing employers. “People are already protected in the workplace. I am opposed to continuing this.”

If by people, you mean Republicans in gerrymandered districts, the statement is correct. Otherwise, not so much in 29 states on the basis of sexual orientation and 33 states on the basis of gender identity.

“Listen, I understand people have different opinions on this issue, and I respect those opinions,” Boehner said. But respect doesn’t mean letting people express them in a vote. That might rile the base, and we couldn’t afford to have that happen, could we?

John Boehner Will Never, Ever Allow The House To Vote On ENDA. Ever.

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki Plans To Hold An Exorcism for Same-Sex Marriage in Illinois

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Cue the creepy music. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield has announced he will hold an exorcism for same-sex marriage in Illinois next Wednesday.

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (pictured) says it is “scandalous” that so many Catholic politicians supported the legislation and feels it’s his responsibility to remedy the situation by invoking the power of Christ.

In a statement, the good bishop announced he will hold “prayers of supplication and exorcism in reparation for the sin of same-sex Marriage” on Wednesday, November 20.

The bishop also said politicians who supported same-sex marriage are “morally complicit as co-operators in facilitating this grave sin.”

He then added: “same-sex marriage is contrary to the plan of God (see Genesis 1:27 and 2:24, Matthew 19:4-6 and Mark 10:6-9), those who contract civil same-sex marriage are culpable of serious sin.”

“All politicians now have the moral obligation to work for the repeal of this sinful and objectionable legislation,” he continued. “We must pray for deliverance from this evil which has penetrated our state and our church.”

The exorcism will reportedly take place at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield from 4 to 5 p.m. The gay marriage bill is also set to be signed into law by  Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday afternoon, right before the start of the exorcism.

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki Plans To Hold An Exorcism for Same-Sex Marriage in Illinois

Johnny Weir’s Husband Bullies Michael Lucas In A String of Threatening E-mails

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Hell hath no fury like Johnny Weir’s husband, Victor Weir-Voronov, and we have his e-mails to Michael Lucas to prove it.

Back in September, Lucas published an opinion piece on criticizing figure skater Johnny Weir’s response to Russia’s sweeping new antigay legislation and accusing the Olympian of being more interested in his celebrity than in the rights of LGBT people.

Months passed.

Then yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, Weir-Voronov decided to take it upon himself to respond to Lucas’ editorial. He sent a string of angry and, at times, downright threatening Facebook messages, accusing Lucas of being a “fame-whoring piece of shit,” “scum,” and telling him he was going to destroy Lucas’ livelihood and have him placed on the “sexual predators” list.

In a Facebook e-mail sent very early yesterday morning, Weir-Voronov wrote:

Lucas then responded:

To which Weir-Voronov replied:

Sounds like Weir-Voronov likes to play dirty.

Here’s hoping these two can eventually work out their differences and get along. Ain’t nobody got time for this kind of drama.

Johnny Weir’s Husband Bullies Michael Lucas In A String of Threatening E-mails